Clearing the Way | Parkland

Progress in Parkland

We are excited and encouraged to share that our final building plans were approved by the City of Parkland! Thank you for being in prayer with us on this journey and for cheering us on along the way.

This past month we have had heavy equipment on our land in Parkland, FL clearing out the shrubs and brush. We have waited a long time to see progress like this. It is amazing to see tangible and noticeable changes already.

Love seeing the future home of @coastalchurch Parkland site being cleared. I know God is doing #immeasurablymore in our church. #coastalchurch #futurehome #progress

Please pray with us over this land and the people of Parkland. We can’t wait to see lives changed for Christ! We appreciate you so much, and believe God is going to continue to do Immeasurably More here in South Florida.


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