Update on our Building Project

Pastor TJ went out to our new land in Parkland, FL to share an update on our Immeasurably More Building Project. It is awesome to see how God is moving our plans forward. He continues to give us favor as we follow His plans for our church.

Check out this video!

I cannot believe what God has been able to do through us as a church and what God is about to do through us as we move forward in our Immeasurably More Building Project! Back in October we talked about how God had blessed us with this piece of property, 7.29 acres right on University Parkway.

We knew that God was sending us to a community that had absolutely no evangelical churches. It is an amazing thing, that God would choose us as a church to bring the gospel message to them! We want to make it hard for people to go to hell, by making it easy for them to go to church, so they can experience, so that they can know, and so that they can follow Jesus!

We’ve been hard at work, and we’ve been seeing God work us through the process that the City of Parkland, FL has for us to do. Hopefully this summer, we’re going to be able to break ground on our first permanent facility!

Pray & Partner With Us for Parkland, FL

We will soon go before the city of Parkland to seek approval for our site plans! Please join us in prayer and ask God how he wants you to be involved in what He’s doing at Coastal!

As you pray, if God leads to you give to the Immeasurably More Building Project you can give online. Visit our website and select ‘Immeasurably More’ in the drop down menu.


Thank you for being so generous, thank you for bringing your friends! Because you’ve been able to do that, we’ve been able to make a huge impact in our community. That impact is going to further along with our new church in Parkland, FL.


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